Loved it!

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For any fans of Carry On, Renegades, Fangirl, Eliza and Her Monsters, AND OTHERS!

There was an ample amount of hilarity, emotional grit, and personal reflection in this novel. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Nick's monologues and antics. Though I cannot say there was not a moment where I wished he would see what was in front of him, he is such a loveable character! Jazz, Gibby and Seth are all the best friends anyone could ask for, and this quartet together is a cast a reader will never forget. Throw in superheroes and villians where the line is never black and white, an over-endearing father, and a story of overcoming personal struggles, including past trauma and overcoming mental disorders, this story is relevant and entertaining. I hope there is a sequel, because with the way it ended (which was satisfactory!!) I cannot wait to see more from these folks!