I love this so much!

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Who is TJ Klune….oh just my top favorite authors as of finishing this book! I was just a tad bit skeptical I was going to like all the super hero stuff, not really my jam, but it was so good. Nicky is just absolutely perfect. His obsession with Shadow Man steers him in some peculiar decision making, not helped by his ADD, but with his rag tag of friends he comes out mildly unharmed.

The friendships in this book are so beautiful. I love how tight they are, but also aren't afraid to call each other out. They always have each others back no matter what. Its so refreshing to see.

The plot is mainly overshadowed by the relationships, but that's fine. It's not really about that anyway. I adored the love story, adored the friendships. Honestly there wasn't much I didn't adore about this book.

Now I'm off to read EVERYTHING from TJ Klune.