First Place for Second-Hand Embarrassment

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I had high hopes for The Extraordinaries. I've heard good things about TJ Klune and was recommended this book because of its queer characters and romance. I can definitely say I am disappointed. From the first page I was wracked with unending second-hand embarrassment. As someone who is fairly sensitive to second-hand embarrassment this isn't unusually but it was severe and never stopped. Every scene was filled with embarrassing and cringe-y lines that made me want to scream. Teenagers go though embarrassing moments, we all know that, but the amount of embarrassing moments was uncalled for. It seriously damaged my enjoyment of the book. There were also a few scenes set in a high school setting that were unrealistic, such as when semi-fought and injured a boy in the cafeteria and didn't get in trouble, yet Nick got detention for not paying attention in math class. Overall, the story and the romance did not make up for the embarrassment and cringe factor. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes queer romance that doesn't suffer from second-hand embarrassment.