Extra Extra Good

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If you love reading superhero comics or watching superhero movies, this is a book for you. There are so many superhero tropes in this book I laughed out loud. I loved every minute of it. The author takes every single one of them and adds them to the story in such a new and awesome way. This book is original and I could not have enjoyed it more. The main character, Nick, is a bit clueless and self-centered and a bit annoying for most of the book, but he is mostly lovable and funny and by the end he redeems himself of his worst qualities. Seth was my favorite character. I thought he was adorable from the moment he stepped onto the page and wished he had gotten more screen time. Hey, author, how about a book were we follow Seth around? Sounds good to me. The whole case of characters were amazing, believable, unique. The writing was excellent. The fanfiction was terrible, extra kudos to the author for that feat. I recommend this book to everyone.