Can I Marry This Book Please?

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This book is so funny. I couldn't stop laughing. I love love love the teenage humor. The superhero aspect is SO cool! I've never read a book like this. I love the writing. It feels like I'm really right there with these characters, which few books these days seem to achieve. TJ Klune's book is simply stunning.

My only criticism is that this book ended too soon. The ending was beyond spectacular, by the way. The epilogue was super intriguing.

I have read a lot of books where the protagonist has a disability, such as ADHD. Often times, the way the character thinks and acts does not reflect the aforementioned disability. I am relieved to tell you this book not only accurately portrays being a queer teen with a disability (I have some experience there), but it portrays it so so so well. I absolutely adore Nick. His quirkiness is endearing.

And the romance is absolutely precious. It wasn't weird or gross or teenager-y in a negative way. It was utterly perfect and so so sweet, my heart is crying tears of joy. I can already see a huge fanbase of shippers for this book (not going to spoil the names of who is in the ship!).

I honestly laughed a lot during this book. It's so sweet and fun that I couldn't help it. While this book isn't a comedy or anything, it's written so lightheartedly that I never stopped smiling. Except during that plot twist of betrayal. No spoilers though!

The creativity is beyond words. Every three pages I was like WAIT WHAT YES QUEEN because the plot never got stale. The book is brilliantly crafted and I can already tell the next two books will be best sellers. They don't release for a couple of years, TJ Klune please leak your own books early. Thank you in advance.

I can't find the words to say enough good things about this book. It's simply brilliant. I just love it so freaking much. If you don't read this the second you can, you are officially a fool.