Wow, is this super-brilliant, love Nick and his dad's relationship especially!

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I wasn't sure about trying 'The Extraordinaries' but the synopsis was too good to pass up - now I MUST have a copy to read and review (yes, within the timeframe!), as this is a funny, fresh take on superheroes and fan fiction, all seen through the eyes of 16-year-old Nick Bell, who pines away for real-life superhero, Shadow Star, whom he can make his own on paper if not in real life. The writing style and characters remind me of a book I read many years ago, 'Superfolks', which I also loved - but here especially, I love in particular the relationship between Nick and his dad, the openness especially in connection with Nick's being gay; it comes off genuine and ideal, and hopefully how every gay teen can be with their parents once they come out (certainly wasn't like that for me, long ago, but hopefully times ARE a-changin'!) ... even as both men are still trying to work through the death of Nick's mom and dad's wife. Seriously, it's been awhile since I read a parent-child relationship in a book that comes off as genuine as this one, and by the end of the sample I was just as cliff-hanged to see where their relationship was going almost as much as I was to see if Nick ever gets to meet his crush (or Pyro Storm, Pyro Storm might be a villain but he seems pretty hot, too). Fingers crossed for this one, dying to read on!!