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The End of the Ocean is a book about what happens to our world thanks to climate change and how those who are living survive. It is told by two narrators. Signe lives in 2017 and David lives in 2041. Our story takes place on the ocean, in Norway and in mainland Europe where they are suffering from severe drought. In David's story wars are waging and huge populations live in refugee camps. David is trying to survive and provide for his young daughter. Signe is a septuagenarian who is feisty. Luckily we get much of her backstory as well which allows us to understand her better. Twenty five year old David and his six year old daughter, live in one of the refugee camps where he had hoped to find his wife and son after they were separated a year ago. Both characters are flawed and a bit unlikable though I found Signe to be a bit more inspiring of empathy.

One unique aspect of this book was the fact that our two protagonists never meet. But the world Signe lives in has a tremendous impact on the world David is in. We get to see through her parts what causes the problems in his. This is the aspect of the book that I most enjoyed.