Imaginative Story

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First off, I couldn’t give this book 5 stars because of all the swearing. I wouldn’t have finished it because it was so offensive to me, but I wanted to be fair to the writer. It really was very unnecessary and took away from the story.

The story is truly imaginative, descriptive, and fun to read. The characters are well developed and I love their determination to overcome the trials and adversity they face….everything from self-doubt, trust, friendship, love, loyalty, war, and family belonging.

It is a wonderful tale complete with a princess, witch, knights, fairies, lots of other mythical creatures, and a plot that will pull you along for a unique adventure. For all those true fairytale fans it is a enthralling story of good versus evil, a heroine who finds her strengths and gifts along the way, and the never ending quest to find true friends and true purpose.