Great for a spooktober hangover

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The plot stages this fantasy adventure wonderfully with all the tension buildup and magic settings. The coexistence of mythical creatures with the human world is a great tactic to lure fantasy lovers towards this book. Things start to get even more interesting as the political angle along with the secret lineage of the story is revealed, making us ponder if the decisions taken now will have a fruitful impact or not.

The overall book still gives me spooky October vibes and if you are not done with it yet, it is surely something that can be read in November to still feel the hangover of a spooky magical season. However, there were a few handful instances, where I felt the explanations were missing for certain. incidents, but maybe that is something that will revealed later on as the author does have plans to come up with another book. Hopefully, all will be answered in the next part.