Fantasy, Magic, and Mystery

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This story is a fantasy combined with magic school, royal intrigue, and a bit of romance. MJ and her mother have moved around many times and her story starts out as just another first day at yet another new school. Then she is called to office and before she knows what happening some magical chaos ensues. She learns that her father an Enchanto and the king of Biringan has died and that she is the heir to the throne. She also learns that one of the three other courts might want her dead to claim the throne for their own court. Once in the realm of Biringan, MJ is not sure who to trust and learns she has to attend a Biringan’s school and there she meets Nix, Amador, and Lucas. Nix immediately befriends MJ although she has some secrets, Amador is a typical mean girl. Lucas is infuriating to MJ at first, but her feelings toward him soften the more time they spend together. MJ uncovers something suspicious about her father’s death and Lucas helps her uncover the traitors hidden within the royal courts. MJ also has another big problem that she has no magic and magic is required to accept the crown of Biringan. Will MJ live up to her father’s legacy ascend the throne and stop the insurgents?

This story has a fast start at the beginning and slows down once MJ gets to Biringan. MJ was a great character and the other characters except Amador were well-written. Nix’s back story and some of things Lucas did were not entirely explained. The world building was done fairly well, but I had to look up some of the Filipino terms and found myself flipping between part where MJ explained the Biringan courts and the map. The story has a mix of fantasy and mystery with just a dash of romance. The story is mostly wrapped up, but the ending sets things up for a sequel. The cover is beautiful and I liked this book. Fans of Melissa De La Cruz’s other books like The Ring and the Crown, The Queen’s Assassin series, and the Heart of Dread series would enjoy this book.