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When I originally read about the book's premise, I was thinking that this would follow plot and character beats closer to it's genre. Instead, I was greeted to an exploration of emotional change, the concept of home, and what it means to be isolated.

Our main character has no home and no one to confide in. She is isolated and you can't help but to draw parallels between her emotional journey and times in your own life where you have felt alone and misunderstood. I think that was what really hooked me about this book. I was not expecting such a great reflection of a feeling I'm sure many of us have felt over the past year and to have it written so masterfully was both a delight and a little heartbreaking.

In addition, the setting is just top notch. The author does a great job world building and through his descriptions, it is easy to see a future that becomes similar to the one he describes.

Do yourself a favor and pick this one up, you will not be disappointed.