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If I'm being honest, I'm not sure what to say about this book. I have been left speechless. Not in a bad way at all, in fact, it is in the perfect way that a great book leaves you without words to describe what you have just experienced. That is especially exacerbated in this novel simply because of the nature of the story. It was so interconnected and mind blowing that I don't want to say anything that could give a single thing away. So, that leaves me with complimenting the mechanics of the book rather than the plot. However, I will say this. This book will surprise you in the best way. Now, onto the writing. Personally, I loved it. I found it to fit this story perfectly. It was exactly what this book needed to truly succeed. I loved the characters, but again, the plot was the star of the show. I recommend this a million times over, it's one you need to read.