I NEED to read this book!!!!

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This book sounds SO interesting!!! This book really caught my attention, especially because we are currently in the midst of a global pandemic. I would definitely purchase this extravagant book to add to my bookshelves! The main character Nico sounds interesting.I am so excited to read this book. so excited!!!!!!!! extremely an interesting plot and a beautiful cover!!!! This book hooked me in first when I saw the cover, and that immediately sparked my curiosity. It got my mind going and secondly, I read the description, and WOW! I was amazed! I knew that I needed to buy and read this book. Hopefully, I'll be able to buy this book soon to add to my to be read pile, but for now, it'll have to stay on my amazon wishlist. For anyone reading this book looks so good to read and you should most definitely read it too! I hope this book go the love that it deserves!