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Sentimental Fluff

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Teeth-rottingly sweet, overly sentimental fluff. But could be a comforting read for those who need one.

The good: It's easy enough to read. It's not very long.

The bad: There are plot holes and inconsistencies you could drive eighteen trucks through. The main character was so perfect I wanted to staple her head to a wall. Or at least not be sooooo perfect and adaptable and beloved no matter what. I'm all for likeable heroines, but give me at least one flaw, otherwise there's just-- well, what The Dream Daughter is.

It's predictable but worse, it's safe. Nothing and no one is ever at risk, no stake has even the slightest risk of remote failure. Every problem isn't one, you know? 

The Dream Daughter is dream like but I think that's what makes it work in a way that other "here, be comforted" type of books don't. It's utter implausibility makes it work, albeit in a rather ham-fisted way.

One and a half stars rounded up to two because of two very adorable dogs, and I can handle canine perfection.