Differnt From Her Others

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am a huge fan of Diane Chamberlain and was excited for this new novel that had a spin on her usual fair.
Carly's life has been turned upside down after she loses her husband in Vietnam. She finds out that she is pregnant but what should be a happy time turns desperate when she finds out the child has a fatal heart issue. Since she lives in the 1970's, there isn't much that can be done. But a bombshell secret of her brother-in-law's changes everything.
I greedily consumed the first three fourths of this book. It was classic Chamberlain with a great sci-fi twist. I was invested in Carly and her child and what becomes of them. But I was rather disappointed in how perfectly tied up it was. This caused me to loose any reality that I had suspended. The ending also seemed a bit rushed as one of the characters had not been developed enough to end up where how they did,
A great attempt to add some magic, The Dream Daughter is a great start in getting outside the author's comfort zone.