An Unforgettable Story

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I recommend going into The Dream Daughter blind and prepare to be swept away in a magical, heart-wrenching and edge of your seat time-travel novel featuring Carly Sears and the lengths she goes through to save her daughter, Joanna. Featuring three different time periods, we go back to the 1970's (Vietnam War), 2001 (9/11) and 2013. How far would you go to ensure your daughter's health and happiness? Beginning in 1970, Carly learns her husband has died in Vietnam and she is recently pregnant with a baby with a fatal heart condition. Her Brother in Law, Hunter, decides to share his secret which puts Carly on the path to 2001 to save her daughter with medical advancements not available to her in the 70's, but offers her daughter a chance to live. The rest of the story pulls you in and tugs your heart strings.
I listened to this in audio format and it was wonderfully narrated by Susan Bennett. Such a great and unforgettable story!