A Mother's Love

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Review of Advance Readers’ Edition
In 1970, Caroline Sears learns that the baby she is carrying has a fatal heart defect; without exception, the doctor tells her, babies born with this problem die. Devastated by the recent death of her husband in Vietnam, Carly agonizes over the daunting dilemma she now faces. This child is her last link to her beloved husband, Joe, but once the baby is born, there is no corrective surgery for this condition. Either Carly gives birth and watches her newborn baby die or she terminates the pregnancy.

But, perhaps there is something, her brother-in-law suggests. And, as fantastical as Hunter’s suggestion sounds, is there any other choice a mother could make when the life of her child is at stake?

With well-drawn characters, a strong sense of place and time, and an intriguing plot, this story plumbs the depths of a mother’s love for her child as it explores the lengths to which mothers go to protect their children, to ensure them a life filled with love and joy.

Unexpected twists send the narrative in surprising directions, building suspense and keeping the pages turning. At its heart, this is a well-told tale of timeless bonds, of unfathomable love, and of unimaginable courage. It’s the story of a mother’s love.

Readers will find a lump in their throats long before turning the final page in this unputdownable narrative of sacrifice, determination, and devotion. Don’t miss this one.

Highly recommended.