The Dinner List

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*trying to read every book on bookish first! Since they have seemingly changed the point system, i will be writing more simplistic reviews for the older books mostly to save time. I read a lot of books and try my best to review them all but not every book i read on here will be my cup of tea and so on so, while i will still write a review, again it will not be the entire 700 character count and more like a general summary of this book*

This was not a book i would normally read for several reasons but i did find it better than expected, it did take me several chapters to actually get into it as wel. I thought the idea behind this book was pretty cool (i have heard of it before but had never read a book based on the idea), and obviously the book was about her "Dinner List" but it was pretty touching i suppose to read this book. Would recommend to people who like women's fiction.