I really liked the unique writing style.

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What an interesting concept and writing style!

THE DINNER LIST is the story of a rather unique situation. Sabrina shows up for her annual birthday dinner with her best friend, Jessica, to find that a list they made years ago, of the five people living or dead you would want to have one meal with, has come to pass. One of the people seated at the table is Tobias, the love of her life. The story is written in alternating chapters, with one section at the dinner, and one section of Sabrina and Tobias's love story.

There are some unexpected plot twists, one of which is unexpected and a bit painful. I felt like it left some dread hanging over the second half of the book, which is why I took off a star.

Sabrina...was human. I hated her and loved her and wanted to shake her silly in several parts of the book. The same with Tobias. My heart ached for Jessica, but for other readers, it may be Sabrina you ache for and Jessica you love and hate. I think it's really where you are in your life.