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A slow and contemplative read

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If you could bring any five people to a dinner, would you pick some you know and love, someone you want to know but haven't gotten to meet, or someone who has passed on that you want to see again? Sabrina and her friend made their lists years ago, and this year when she arrives at her birthday dinner she finds that her list has come to life in front of her.
The story alternates between the scene at the table and the backstory behind the individuals that Sabrina chose as her five. You find out that some of the individuals were swapped out at some point in her live- not all of them were the five original people she chose.
The book was a little slow for me. I was waiting for something to happen, or a major secret to be revealed, or something to occur that vastly changed the outcome of the dinner. For me, it fell a little flat after reading so many good reviews going into reading it. But, if you are someone that likes pondering the meaning of things and looking both back in time and ahead, this may be the book for you. At the very least, I liked that it made me ponder who MY five would be!