Small, but mighty and fierce

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This story was haunting, thought provoking, and beautifully written. Written in a metaphorical sort of way, this story seized hold of me and gripped me so hard the whole time I read it. Yetu is a historian of wjinru, a water breathing people who were descendents of slave women and children who were thrown overboard during the transatlantic slave trade. Yetu carries her people's history and is annually forced to retell it to them because the history is so horrific and traumatizing for all of them to constantly come to terms with. Ideas of the self versus the community is conveyed in such a poignant matter as Yetu slowly relinquishes their responsibilities in order to survive. This story took a lesser discussed moment in history and put a supernatural twist on it without romanticizing it. The author seeks to accentuate the significance of remembering our past while also searching for ways to heal as well.

This is such a unique and captivating story with lyrical language. I strongly recommend this one!