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I wanted to love this but i just didn't!
The concept of this sounded interesting. Slaves thrown off slave ships became mermaids. If they are separated from their group for too long they forget their history. None of it actually ended up interesting me. There was a lot explaining of the mechanics of mermaid sex. I didn't care about the humans that show up. I only finished it because it was super short
This book is just a mess from start to finish! Don't waste your time or energy! (The only plus is it is really short I still hated it)

A weak and whiny mermaid, a plot that reads like a therapy session, terrible writing, a structure so clichéd it feels like it was written by a marketing team doing a team-building exercise with a creative writing instructor, some box ticking, pseudo-poetry, and a complete lack of logic (whales suckle babies? Mermaids are born knowing all human languages?) and dreadful, dreadful dialogue.