I’m impressed!

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I’ve always been such a big man of mermaids and mythology, and things regarding the water in general. They’ve always intrigued me and there is definitely not enough books about it. So when I saw the cover and the synopsis for this book, I just had to get it!

And I am just so glad I did! This was a short book, which makes me me sad because it would have been sooo much better if it was a bit longer. The language and writing of this book is magical and atmospheric. It reminds me of poetry at times and some authors just cannot pull off that style, but I think this author and this book did it really well. The plot was solid and the characters were good as well.

The idea of these water like mermaidish creatures who are descendents of African slave woman is definitely an unique one. It’s like a modern take on African culture and folklore and such and it’s just so interesting.

Everyone get this book!!