Fascinating and Beautifully Written

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The Deep follow Yetu who is in charge of keeping all of the memories for her people. However it puts a lot of strain on her mental and physical wellbeing. So during the annual Remembering, where she shares the memories of her people briefly before taking them all back, she plans her escape. This story follows the descendants of pregnant enslaved women thrown off of slave ships during the Atlantic Slave Trade through it's main character and the flashbacks,

Readers will enjoy the unique premise of the story quite interesting. Though some readers first introduction might be that it's a story with black mermaids, thought it absolutely is, it is so much more than that. It's a story of identity, both in the personal and cultural sense.

Readers may find some of the characters annoying at times, though I believe it is made up for the fact that her curiosity is charming. Not only that but she is relatable in the sense that she is facing enormous pressure because of the role she plays in her community, and she is struggling because of it, which is something a lot people can relate too.

If readers go into each chapter knowing that it might not necessarily within the same time period as the chapter before it, it will prepare them for the flashback type moments that occur during the book.

Overall this is a beautifully written story about identity and our role in our community and the world around us.