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Another brilliant piece of work from Rivers Solomon

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Everything Solomon writes is pure gold. I was absolutely stunned and in love with An Unkindness of Ghosts and it's no different with The Deep. Introspective and emotional, The Deep asks questions about memory, the community versus the individual, and more. The Deep encompasses my deep love for the work of Rivers Solomon plus my fascination of mermaids. I can't think of a better combination. From the summary alone I fell in love - the concept of a people forgetting their history, except for one person. There's something inexplicably moving. To be without our past, but one person burdened with the memories. Yetu is the Historian and is forced to relive her pain for their memories that they cannot hold.

It's the responsibility of carrying your people's past. Reliving those moments of trauma, sadness, guilt, and pain under your skin. Roaring in your mind and threatening to take over at a moments notice. When we forget our past, their struggles, and their scars. The Deep examines Yetu's personal journey as she seeks to escape the burden of the collective past which she shoulders alone. Interspersed with memories, The Deep is an experience that makes it feel like we are living these moments ourselves as they are brought to life.