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"The Deep" is one of the most creative takes on the fantasy genre that I have ever encountered. The use of history to inspire a whole underwater society is absolutely spectacular.

Immediately the reader is immersed in a world long forgotten, but all too familiar. By chapter two, the reader has a good base understanding of the story. Unfortunately, the author falls into the trap of world-dumping by giving us all the details of the world and its history immediately. It can be a lot to process in less than 30 pages and is hard to keep up with.

The writing style is also a tad wordy and, at times, leads to confusion. "Amaba" seems to be equivalent to "Mom" where the capitalization is dependent on the context referring to the character and it isn't a specific name, but a general term to refer to someone. It threw me off guard seeing it in the uncapitalized form, but with a bit of inference power, I made it through.

Yetu is a fascinating protagonist and easily relatable to the reader. Everyone has, at some point in their life, been put in a position of power that their appointed did not fully evaluate them for. There is a strong character dynamic established between Yetu and Amaba and the reader feels as though they've known this character for much more than 12 pages by the end of chapter one.