A very emotional but hard to understand story.

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A very emotional but hard to understand story for me personally.

The Deep by Rivers Solomon is about an African women who was a slave that was thrown overboard during a horrible slave trade. In the book the story shows how they went on to build an under water society of water-breathing descendents. Also in the story there was one character who held onto the memories of what happened and the burdens of it. Which must have been very hard on that character.

The plot of this story was hard to get into and understand but could still tell how emotional it was for the character who had to carry around the memories and trauma of what happened. This must have been a very hard heavy burden to carry around. This story was very unique and unlike other stories I have read in the past. I personally love "mermaid" stories especially unique ones even if their on the harder level of understanding for me.

I reccomend if you love stories with mermaids with a history.