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The Giver mixed with the Little Mermaid

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"Those cursed with more intact long-term recollection learned how to forget,
how to throw themselves into the moment."

The Deep seems like such a different fantasy story than that we are used to reading. From the first impression, it reminds me a bit of Lois Lowry's The Giver, but with a Little Mermaid twist. I am enjoying the writing a lot so far. I feel my heart tightening up as if I am personally feeling the emotions and struggles of the main character speaking in a first person point of view. I don't envy her and the deep anxiety she seems to have felt over the past two decades. I wish we got to read more, as I am extremely curious about this Remembrance she is about to impart on the rest of her kind. I love fantasy books that not only build an immersible world, but also include a lengthy history of this world. I'm very interested to find out why the wajinru people no longer live in large, underwater cities. Instead they have dispersed into smaller groups spread out among the ocean. I also wonder if there used to be more than the six to eight thousand wajinru people mentioned here. Was there a dying off? A loss in population due to a predator? due to an illness? a lack of reproduction? Also, dying to know when and who the main character will choose as the new, next historian to impart her wisdom upon.