One of my favorites of 2023

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Oh my gosh I absolutely adored The Davenports. It is by far one of my favorite reads of 2023 so far it focuses on one of Chicago’s most powerful families The Davenports whose patriarch William Davenport escaped slavery to become one of the city’s wealthiest black entrepreneurs. The story centers around the Davenports children: John, Helen, and Olivia. They have high expectations placed on them. John is meant to take over the family business but, he has other ideas for what his wants for his life. One of those is closer to home then anyone realizes. Amy-Rose who is a family friend and maid to Helen and Olivia has dreams of her own. She dreams of opening her own hair salon while also secretly falling in love with John Davenport.

Olivia is the one that has it all figured out. The belle of the ball ready to get married and run a household. She is quickly falling in love with her handsome suitor Jacob Lawrence. Until she meets a passionate lawyer Washington DeWright who not only opens Olivia’s eyes to the challenges and racism facing the African American community but, also makes her question the life she wants to live. Their interactions were swoon-worthy! Helen of the three Davenport children is risking the most I would say. She is completely different than John or Olivia a total tomboy who unlike John is passionate about fixing automobiles and dreams of taking over the Davenport carriage company.

Her father William though wouldn’t hear of it though it isn’t a woman’s place even though she has her brother’s full support. The Davenport’s friend Ruby Termaine was my favorite character in the story. She out of all of them had the most riding on her. She also came from a very wealthy family until her parents lost the fortune. Especially given her dad’s run for mayor of Chicago. The family’s fortunes now lay squarely at her feet. She is trying to win the heart of John Davenport that will ensure her family’s future. She is tired though of the family pressure from her mother becoming unbearable. Harrison Barton is not what she needs right now she is sure she can win John’s heart and secure her family’s future.

He makes her feel things that she never thought possible. When he wins during a game of gambling and buys back her necklace a 16th birthday present from her parents that is when Ruby falls in love with him. It was one of the most romantic moments of the book. When Harrison breaks off their relationship when he learns of Ruby’s deception I was so sad. She was only using him to make John jealous. Only to make her parents especially her mother happy. I was so relieved when they reconciled and became engaged.

I cannot wait to see what’s next for them. I am hoping we learn much more about Olivia’s beau Washington DeWright in the sequel. Particularly on his civil rights work. I adored The Davenport’s I cannot wait up continue their story in the next book.