Not what I expected but this is an important read

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I will start my review by stating the fact that I am not well-read in the historical fiction genre but every now and then, my friends recommend me books to dive into.

The Davenports is an anticipated read of mine since I saw it in the Penguin Teen 2023 preview but I have no expectations at all.

It was pitched as Gossip Girl meets Downtown Abbey with the vibes of Bridgerton so for me, the pitch is on the spot.

The first thing that I liked is how the story progressed showing four different point of view (POVs) because the distinction in these POVs made the storyline more interesting and insightful.

1900s is more than a hundred years ago and I think the author successfully captured how society viewed its female members back then because the female characters in this novel were portrayed in a way anyone expected them to be - relationship, status, class, and how these will have impact in their societal image.

Love how this YA historical fiction incorporated the drama and conflict so well. Definitely recommended.