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First I must start by saying this was an extremely delightful book that is packed with the entertainment of the four main characters all falling for one another’s beau, instead of their own. The story is told distinctly in their alternating viewpoints from the rich Davenport family, there is Olivia; the younger sister, Helen; their childhood friend turned maid, Amy-Rose and Olivia’s long-time best friend Ruby. I love how each young woman is expressive and unique in their past, passions and love interests.

This historical fiction is inspired by an actual family who founded the C.R. Patterson & Sons carriage company at the beginning of the 1900s in Chicago. The father, a former slave and other black people were achieving success and wealth that held high prestige in society. Simultaneously occurring were the moments of inequity and segregation that triggered a stand for civil rights; by another class of black people.

It was enlightening and enchanting to read the unraveling love stories of each of the young ladies; which also brought humor and swooning that I adored.

With all the ladies wanting something more from the one they are paired with, they find what they need, in someone else’s beau. An intoxicating tale of falling for the wrong man in the search for Mr. Right.

The relationships that the girls have with one another are an integral component of the story itself. This novel depicts the loyalty and strength of friendships and the not much talked about successes of black entrepreneurs.

A bit slow in places but that didn’t keep me from enjoying the exploration of the coming of age in these young adults. But be prepared for questions because the story continues in an upcoming sequel.