Black-centered historal fiction - yes please!

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Set in 1910, the Davenports are the creme de la creme of Black society. They're family places a lot of value on their reputation and appearances and expect their children to carry on that tradition and always take the high road when others go low.

Olivia is expected to find a rich, intelligent Black man from the "right" family to wed and carry on the family line, but she's chafing against that expectation.

She wants a louder more colorful life that pushes back against the way society treats her based on her skin.

Helen isn't interested in being a a lady and wants to focus on the things that interest here - like learning how things work and fixing them.

Amy-Rose is a servant to the powerful family and a friend - those lines blur in a difficult way making the balance of relationships hard.

Ruby is ostensibly Olivia's bestie, but she wants to be an official part of the family through marriage and just may do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Changes are coming to the family and society - can they roll with those changes or will their rigid tradition lead to breaks?