Wonderfully Amazing!

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I can't even begin to describe how much I loved this book. I think it deserves so much praise! Seriously, I couldn't put it down. When it arrived in the mail, I knew sleep wasn't going to exist for me.

Luc was first introduced in the third book in the lux series, and became one of my all time favorites. That's when I knew I was just reading Lux for more scenes with that sassy mysterious kid in it; and now four years later he's back, but older. Luc is still the same as ever, but you can definitely tell that he's grown up some. Especially since there is a steamy, intimate scene with him and Evie.
Infuriating, funny, sexy, intelligent, weird and mysterious are all the words I can think of to describe Luc. I keep forgetting that Jennifer has a talent in creating fictional dream guys that make you swoon. And Luc certainly has that irresistible charm that would make someone fall hard. Before it was Luc>Daemon&Hunter. Now after reading this it's changed to Luc>>>>>>Daemon&Hunter( I'm so biased)

Now Evie is our MC, who meets Luc at a club. And her first impression of him is pretty bad(not that I blame her). I just want to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE Evie so much! her character was real and her emotions to certain situations felt real. My love for her? REAL. A true teenager in the making. She's snarky, funny, cool and just wonderful. It was always hard imagining what a love interest for Luc would be like, but not anymore. The girl is too cute for her own good.

Overall the story flowed nicely and the mystery was compelling, not to mention creepy. It only dragged a tad bit, but it was necessary for the world building. The side characters were great, Evie has amazing friends and Kent was adorable. They were there, but not to the point where they take over the plot, which is a good thing, but in the next book I'd like to learn more about Kent and Grayson and a certain character I've been suspicious of since reading...The twist, in my opinion, was predictable half way into the book. However it's not a bad thing depending on how it's delivered. And Jennifer certainly did deliver. I can't wait for more Evie and Luc!