Very pleasant read!

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**I received a copy from BookishFirst **

I was so happy to win this book! I’ve always wanted to read this author and have her on my TBR list but haven’t had a chance yet. After this, I’ll be reading her other stuff next. I didn’t know she had a previous series that this book is a spin-off from. I’m looking forward to it now. Even though I haven’t read it, this book made a lot of sense. So it can definitely be read first. I’m a little jealous of those who have read the other first. I wonder how much more I would perceive the characters in this book. I LOVE Luc! He is everything you would want in the hero of a book. He’s sure of himself lol, but our heroine would give him a piece of her mind from the start. My heart broke a little to know how everyone would treat him and others who were of a different species just because they were different and had abilities. Humans were scared of them. And when humans are afraid of something, they try and kill it. There were so many things the heroine learned about her father. And Luc had secrets of his own. I can’t recommend it enough.