Solid Story & Plotline!

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Hmm, maybe Armentrout books aren't completely and totally my thing, and that's completely fine.

I've read her Half-Blood series (the first few books), and I was really really into them while I was reading. However, when I sat down to think about the objective quality, I thought about the trope-iness of the plotline and instead gave them a solid three stars.

Anyways, I saw a couple of other reviewers point this out: a lot of the Armentrout books use the same formula! I mean, that's fine because if you're looking for a sweet and predictable read, her books can be really a perfect choice for you to sit down and devour. But for me, this book just wasn't what I expected.

I want to note that this was an extremely fun read! I was genuinely engaged when I read this and it wasn't a hard plot to follow.

However, the characters weren't as strong as they could have been and I kept on seeing inconsistencies within the story; Evie, our protagonist, wasn't consistent with her moods and actions and I feel like this was just haphazardly all over the place, honestly? I'm not sure how I feel about Evie.

The romance, though-- it was amazing and breathtaking and although not the most unique, I loved it. I shipped them and I loved Luc, so much!

Thank you to Bookishfirst for providing me with a copy of this for review!