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Irresistible Luc!

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In Evie's world, Luc's muscular build, gorgeous face, and seemingly magical powers unite to compel her to take unimaginable and dangerous risks. Over and over, she braves dark alien forces beyond even the Luxen which killed her father and now threaten the world once again with pain, horror, murder, and wars to end the humanity of every creature on earth - and beyond.

The plot slowly deepens as Evie chooses a third return to Foretoken, the nightclub which has turned into an alien fortress and battleground. She seeks the truth, first, about creepy accusations against her father, and then to dispel the doubt and fears which undermine the life and the history of her strong and beloved mother.

The forces that she and Luc encounter draw her into the heart of the Luxen and their powerful Origin offspring while the growing attractions between the two inspire
increasing drama, surprising humor, and great comfort food!