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Honestly Jennifer L. Armentrout books are a hit or miss. I’ve read the Lux series, and while it wasn’t too bad. I would say it was a miss, particularly about after book two it got boring.

Now this is in the same weird universe, of hot aliens who give off light.The luxen. And well it was definitely something. This is five years after the other book, but her writing remains like the exact same? I didn’t see any improvement or anything.

Her other works are much better. I think if you were a big fan of the Lux series, this would be great for you! It has the same elements, writing style and atmosphere to it. Luc was a decent character also, didn’t love him, didn’t hate him. I will say Daemon was better though.

And Evie is a okay main character, there’s really not much about her to like or dislike in my opinion. It’s just, she’s exactly like Kat. Everything feels recycled.

Not a big fan.