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And Now I'm Obsessed!

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I will be honest- books about aliens and sci-fi romance type things aren't really my favorite. This book has just about changed my opinion on that though and now I'm obsessed!
The Darkest Star is about Evie, a typical teenage girl living in a post-human vs alien war world. Now, aliens, known as the Lux, are living relatively peacefully amongst the population on Earth and things have been going pretty ok for a few years. The book opens with Evie and a friend sneaking into a club that is known to be a hangout for humans and Lux alike. It is there that Evie meets Luc, a gorgeous guy who isn't Lux....but also isn't human.
From there, the book really gets going! It is intense! It is adorable! It is an amazing book and one that I have already recommended to about ten people in the thirty minutes since I finished it!
Also, an important note, I HAVE NOT read the Lux series and I understood the book and plot just fine. With that said, I would probably read Lux first (and I am going to go back and read it now!)