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I was hesitant to read this book at first, because of fact that it is set years after the original series takes place. BUT- I am so glad I did. It starts on an interesting hook, with the main character Zu and two new characters in a hotel room, and on the run. Immediately you are left wondering what happened and are forced to continue reading on- where it will flash back to where the story really starts. It’s filled with action and twists that will keep you reading. I loved how the author expanded the world, and you get to dive deeper into what happens after the ‘happy ending’ of the first three books. There’s discrimination and corruption, even within the government Zu works with herself. I really enjoyed the way Zu grows as a character along with the I introduction of the new characters. They didn’t take away from the beloved series, only added to it. Meanwhile many of the original characters popped up in the story too. Overall, this book was an amazing addition to the series!