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I adore this book!

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I absolutely adore Alexandra Bracken and her books. The Darkest Minds series was everything I hoped it would be.

Let's start with the cover. I love the gold colors, and it all fits the theme of the books completely.

The Darkest Legacy picks up five years after the destruction of the "rehab camps" that imprisoned PSI kids like Zu. Zu is now seventeen years old and has taken on the role of spokesperson for the interim government... She is accused of a horrible act.. forcing her to go on the run for her life... again.
She's obviously determined to clear her name and takes up an iffy alliance with two other PSI's who will either help her or betray her. As they on the search for more like them, they discover more horrors... Ultimately the future of PSI kids including herself on the line again.

You won't regret reading this series at all!