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The Darkest Glare
Chip Jacobs

Richard Kasparov and Jerry Schneiderman want to be a part of the construction boom, specifically space planning, in 1970s Los Angeles, and go so far as to hire a contractor to oversee construction for their company: Construction Management, Too (CM-2). Soon greed and money causes the company to implode, and one person, hell-bent on revenge, has the other two in his crosshairs. A true story about murder, blackmail, and the effects of greed, The Darkest Glare examines a murder-for-profit corporation that left absolute devastation and death in its wake.

The Darkest Glare was truly an enjoyable true crime novel. It is well written and as I read it I felt as though Jacobs had done a thorough job of researching the events surrounding Richard, Jerry and the murder-for-profit corporation, and the way in which he came across the information--revealed at the end and in, I felt, just the right way--strengthened my opinion. Jacobs inserts the backstories of the main individuals at just the right time, adding pertinent background information without going into too much detail and without giving too much away. It reads more like a story and less like a simple covering of the facts and events, which makes it a very enjoyable page-turner. 

Also included was a short story called ‘Paul & Chuck’ about Paul Morantz, a lawyer who successfully prosecuted Synanon, and Chuck Dederich, its leader. Ultimately an attempt was made on his life through the use of a rattlesnake. This story was a great surprise, especially since I have an interest in cults and, after reading Hollywood Park, written by Synanon survivor Mikel Jollett, I have wanted to read more about the group and the events surrounding them. The connection to “Tex” Watson was an interesting little fact! I greatly enjoyed this bonus short story.

I highly recommend The Darkest Glare, even if you aren’t a big reader of non-fiction. It is a quick-paced novel that any fan of true crime novels will enjoy. Thank you to BookishFirst and Rare Bird Books for gifting me an electronic copy of The Darkest Glare in exchange for an honest review; all opinions are my own.