Was n instering read

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Was a good book to read. Couldn't put down it was really instering book to read. Five star book. I'm not sure who would like this book. Kept me pulled into it. Took about a week to read it. Not sure who to recommend this book to. Cover seems to fit to what the book is about. I'm not sure if I'm gonna reread this book or not. Not sure what book groups would like this book. Would be a good book to use for a readathon.
Not sure if it will be a series of not.
Blurb is what caught my eye for this book. I told my husband about it but he wasn't into it . I'm really confused to who I would recommend this to. It's a good book for sure and I couldn't put it down but that's just my thoughts . It ended like their could be more of it.
Wasn't a bad book to read.
Five star read. Wish their was a little bit more to give for this book but it was good to what it was about.
Didn't take long to read.