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I will start of this "review" by saying that I haven't read the e-book, hence the DNR (did not read) and the DNF (did not finish). When I first read the synopsis of this book I thought it was interesting, as mysteries are always so captivating. While I do enjoy reading mystery isn't my main arena, and while I did like the book summary I never really had any motivation to read it. Of course this isn't me saying this book was rubbish, it just didn't appeal to me as much a ya fantasy might have.
Another reason why I did not read this book was because it was an e-book, I wasn't expecting this to be an actual physical copy. I prefer physical books way to much and it's how I mostly read. I might have missed the memo saying this was an e-book.
I wrote the review/first impression not expecting to be selected to receive this book. Hopefully one day someone out there might pick up and enjoy this book.
(again, this isn't a review you should use to decide if you wanna buy this book, I PERSONALLY did not read it because it was an e-book and I like physical copies and also I never really got along to picking it up at all)