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Im not sure what i exactly expected. Maybe a really dark, uber serious, bleak, trying retelling? Instead I got all that plus some dark humor and honestly? I LOVED IT. This was done so well thst none of the humorous parts take away from the very cruel, dark, inhuman subject matter. I am so impressed with how perfectly the author mixed the two. It made me really stop and realize that yes they are victims and yes what happened to them is absolutely atrocious but they had lives prior to being known as a victim, they laughed, they cried, they lived just like we all do. It also made me realize that the people investigating these horrendous crimes are just like us and the only way they can stay sane is to mix humor in where they can. Looking back through all my crime buff knowledge the best detectives are the ones who take their job role serious but take everything else with humor. I was worried i would read a lot of reviews harping on the humor so im pleased most everyone feels the same as i do. Bottom line, get this, read this, cry, laugh, cry a little more and walk away a better person because of it.