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This book absolutely pulled me in from the very beginning. The writing was very different and phenomenal and done exceptionally well. This is my first Chip Jones book and won't be my last.
Based in 1979 Los Angeles, and not for those who are weak minded, These stories are shocking and makes the reader feel as if they were truly there. The criminals in this book are both dark and twisted. At times the book does seem to drag on but you can tell that the criminals really planned and plotted everything down to the most minor of details. During this time 3 people get together and begin a real estate firm Two of them were partners in a business they called Space Matters. Jerry Schneiderman and Richard Kasparov, designed the office interiors for large and small firms. The partners were very successful in this work. So successful that Richard suggested they expand into home renovation.Howard Garret was then hired as a construction supervisor.
With the start of the new business Richard started stealing from his partner, Jerry, Howard was a little more knowledgeable than Jerry because he found out about the theft quickly. He threatened Richard and demanded half of the illegal funds, which he was happy to agree with. Howard put liens on all the houses Richard had deals with so work had to stop.
About this time Jerry learned that Richard was stealing from him. The partnership was dissolved. Howard sued both Richard and Jerry. Jerry tried to come to a settlement with Howard, but that went nowhere.
Howard had a very violent nature. He generally kept it under covers. But when he felt that he was being disrespected, he wanted bloody revenge. His solution was to kill anyone he had a beef with. He acquired a sloppy group of minions, drug addicts and fellow lesser people.