A well-done true crime read

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As a crime-junkie myself this is a book that I was immediately interested in. The author does a great job writing up a narrative that does not disappoint. I was engaged and followed the story the whole time. You can tell right away the level of research in this book is on point and done well. This is my first Chip Jones book and certainly won't be my last. Based in 1979 Los Angeles the book gripped me from the start and I didn't let go until the end. This is definitely not a book for the weak-minded. These stories are shocking and makes the reader feel as if they were truly there. This can for some be a little too much but I found it to help bring an understanding to the victims and how the story plays out. The main criminal in the book is dark and scary and it's even worse how easily he can persuade others to join in his madness. That alone makes this book more frightening than I expected. Definitely recommend.