Love a camp story

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Who doesn’t live a summer camp story, especially one tmwhere things get a little crazy and turn into a who done it? Jessica Goodman has written another ya cross over book that is going to be a hit. Similar to her previous books, she hooks you in a character that you want to win. Here it is Goldie. She’s ready for an incredible summer at camp away from home and ready to make new friends a. Camp is her happy place and refuge, a place that we all would love to have as a second home where we have a chance to reimagine ourselves and become our alter ego. Because camp is a break from the monotony of everyday school and the people who think that they know who you are. The do not. As Goldie gets a chance to figure out who she is and make new friends she must grapple with who is to be trusted— and who she needs to be very careful around. The answer is not always so clear…