It was okay but predictable

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I was expecting more of a horror slasher book with the cover, but murder mystery… ok.

I loved the summer camp and the big feeling of nostalgia. Anyone who has ever been a summer camp counselor or lifeguard will have a deep resonance with this story. One problem I had however, were that the characters were kind of meh. I didn’t feel super invested in them. The overall story was paced pretty well, I liked the back and forth. I did predict the ending, and the killer it wasn’t that surprising to be honest. But maybe I’m not the prime demographic for this book. The relationships were probably my favorite part. The breaking down of the perfect camp friendships, the growing up, growing apart, and finding a way back to each other is poignant no matter what age you are currently. This is one of those life lessons you go through when you leave for college and try to come back home. And it was portrayed well.