Hmm such a cliffhanger

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From the sample that was provided I was very impressed. When scrolling through books I came across this one and the cover drew me to it. When I read the summary, I figured I'd give it a shot even though it's not normally something I go for. I thought it qas a very quick and easy read, very well written. I think how it flashed from then to now was good and helps understand the story a bit more. I kept hoping that what happened in the accident would be told and what happened with heller but when I got to the end of the sample I still was left wondering. It drew me in so much I did not want to stop reading and was sad when the sample was finished. I have some idea of what might have happened in the accident from hints, but you never know and I have a feeling if I get a chance to continue reading the story I am going to be completely thrown off of what I am thinking. Def really good read!