Good but not Great

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Very similar to Jessica Goodman's other books, this book was good, but not great. The premise makes you think you're following a murder mystery, but in reality, it's more teenage drama at summer camp (and not in a relatable way). Yes, there is a murder, but it's not exciting or thrilling. And there are other issues that really overshadow the murder, which was thought to be the main storyline. The MC also struggles with being an outcast from her school and town from taking the blame for something she did not do (this also happens in Jessica's other book). This plotline doesn't make sense, doesn't work, and isn't necessary. As well as a few other storylines that go on during the book, they just aren't needed. As for the ending, there are a few red herrings, and one pretty good one, so I didn't really guess who did it - BUT, once they were caught, they easily confessed to everything with no issues, even though they were trying to keep all these secrets for so long. That doesn't make much sense. I gave this book 3.5 stars out of 5, as it was a fun and easy read, that I got through quickly, even with all of the issues I found with it.